Record Store Day 2011. Also, damn you wind.

Was recommended this by a friend today. But just so you know, unlike the likes of Kanye West whose tweets are terrifyingly and hilariously real (I give “I just threw some kazoo on this bitch” as an example, and end at that), this is total satire. Unfortunately Patton Oswalt and the internet world don’t seem to realise this.

Also, Happy Record Store Day to you all! From my brother telling me of the festivities back home (Sligo has a decent record store in the form of Third Wave Music, which is still operating despite HMV only a minute’s walk away. If you ever find yourself up there, I heartily recommend going there. The staff’s recommendations are second to none too), I began to wonder today if Galway had an independent record store of its own. All I had heard about was HMV and Zhivago (which folded recently). If a town as small as Sligo can have one, why shouldn’t Galway?  I decided to do some research, and it appears that I am largely ignorant of this city’s history! There have been some over the past couple of years, such as Redlight Records which went bust since the last Record Store Day, but at present we do have two – Wingnut Records from inside Bell, Book and Candle, as well as The Little Room on the Spanish Arch. (also, if there’s any other record shops in Galway, do let me know. I would say something about “it’s a shame that we aren’t more informed and we need to save our record shops”, but that would require me getting onto my high horse, which given my listening and buying habits would be unwise of me to do.)

also, there’s one thing wrong with walking the Salthill prom: the bloody wind. My poor ears.