Midsummer Night’s Dreaming: it’s already on the internet near you

If you’ve been hanging around Google+ for the past while, you might have noticed something a bit… out of the ordinary. William Shakespeare has just discovered social media, and is posting his thoughts for all to hear. And not only that, but one of his own characters, Robin Goodfellow, is getting in on the action. No-one knows what Puck is up to, but then again, does anyone?

This overly florid introduction is my hamfisted attempt to introduce you to Midsummer Night’s Dreaming, the new digital collaboration between the RSC and Google’s Creative Lab. Basically, it’s theatre created on the internet. People have been sharing items and communicating with each other and other characters, and basically retelling the play through a digital medium. This’ll culminate in live events in dear old Strats over 21-23 June, including a live performance of 4.2 on Sunday 23rd (weddings ahoy!) directed by Greg Doran.

I’ve been playing around with the Midsummer Night’s Dreaming Google+ community (search for it on Google+), and it’s quite a democratising enterprise. There have been posts about fairy cakes, Neil Gaiman (I accept blame for that one), and many lion macros. I’ve been keeping abreast with a fairy’s travels from town to town too! It’s another way of engaging with the play through the internet, and in such a personalised way. It is entirely up to you in how you want to take part, how you want to share in it. As someone who’s interested in how we engage with Shakespeare nowadays in every shape and form, it’s great to see how people make the play their own. I’ll continue to post, and I hope you’ll join in. And I hope I’ll see you in Stratford next weekend for one hell of a wedding.

Oh yeah, and follow #dream40 like the good kids you are. And ask Puck a question. He’s great fun.

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