[BritGrad is on the horizon! I’m delighted to be involved this year, as this year’s conference was tremendous fun. What’s even more exciting is that it’s entering its fifteenth anniversary too. Keep an eye on the blog (and Facebook, and Twitter which is coming soon) for updates. Mark it in yer diaries, cancel your wedding, postpone that holiday, etc.!]

BritGrad. May 31st - June 2nd 2018

Hello all,

We’re very pleased indeed to announce that BritGrad 2013 will convene June 6-8. Mark your calendars now!

In other news, we have a new committee about to plan another excellent conference, chaired this year by Cathleen McKague. For more info on the core and sub-committees, head over to theAbout Us section of the site.

[They can be reached, as always, at britgrad@yahoo.com.]

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