Telegraph from the front line

Hello and greetings from the latter end of February, a month so wet and wild not even my boots can muster resistance.

And this blog hasn’t been updated since July at the latest, so I may as well fill in some gaps or cavities…

a) I’ve been busy in the midst of final year studies. That is all. It certainly is a demanding enterprise, but when you get to write about the contemporary performance history of Cymbeline for your dissertation, all complaints fall by the wayside. Plus it just proves that I can’t shake off Shakespeare.

Cymbeline at Shakespeare's Globe, 2001, or Mark Rylance running around in his jammies for three hours. YES I AM WRITING ABOUT HIS JAMMIES FOR MY DISSERTATION. Or something.

Also, Innogen or Imogen? You decide, mainly because I’m too lazy.

b) As further proof that I just can’t shake off Shakespeare, I’ve also been accepted onto a MA course in Shakespeare & Theatre at the Shakespeare Institute, as part of the University of Birmingham. It just happens to be in Stratford-upon-Avon (and yes, I said that to get your attention). Nevertheless, I’m very, very excited about the prospect of moving over to the UK again for a while, and completely immersing myself in Shakespeare all over again. Dissertations on Cymbeline are NOT ENOUGH to satiate me.

Plus, did I mention the lovely, lovely archives they have over in London and in Stratford? *drools*

Also, there is Tetley’s. I don’t care if it’s available here in Ireland (though not much), I associate it with over there. It’s not the same, totally different, etc.

c) Peppermint tea, all the while, remains an exemplary drink.


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